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Hada Labo Skincare

Posted by Andrea Robin at 4:54 PM

Yayy~!!! I think it's time for me to review these amazing skincare products from Japan. I've been using it for almost 2 months now and ready to share my Hada Labo experience. I bought the trial pack as a starter since 2 months ago, that time my skin condition was very very dry where I can feel rough surface after few seconds finish washing my face and to add it worse I'm prone to sensitive skin, always have the redness patches after each wash. It was very uncomfortable and I couldn't even wear my BB cream at ease.

I bough my trial pack of Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid at Watson priced RM38.90. The pack contains Make-up remover (30ml), Face wash (20gm), Moisturising lotion (20ml) and Moisturising milk (20ml), these miniature can last up to 3 weeks for me.

Ok, lets start off with the Make-up remover (pic: the first item from right) first. Fyi, this is their new products on the list.This remover is a gel type. 
Drop around 50-cents size onto your palm and slowly distribute it to the face. Massage few seconds until your makeup starting to melt then rinse with water. This is my second favorite make-up remover after Biore cleansing wipes. It really cleans off all the make-up I wore on my face very quickly and the best part is it won't dry out your skin at all. I usually use this to remove my make-up and finish up with my NOPS Waterholics spray after that and will only wash my face with cleanser before I go to bed.

This product claims: my opinion (1=Not Agree; 2=Partly Agree; 3=Agree)
Gently & effectively removes all traces of make-up & dirt: 3
Water based formula leaves skin clean without greasy or tight feeling: 3
Hydrates, leaving skin silky smooth: 3
Star Rating: ★★★★☆.5

Next, move on to Moisturising Face Wash (pic: first item from left)
The texture is white creamy. Squeeze a pea size onto your palm, lather with your wet palm until it have tiny bubbles then massage onto your face. It smell very light coconut or olive oil smell but no worries as it won't smell anything unpleasant after wash. I love this cleanser so so much! It's not like any other moisturising cleanser out there where after few second of washing, your face will start to cracking up and feel tight. This cleanser cleans my face throughly while giving it soft and smooth touchable face later, even after few minutes where you haven't put on any moisturiser on your face.

This product claims: my opinion (1=Not Agree; 2=Partly Agree; 3=Agree)
Hydrates as it cleanses: 3
Restore and preserve skin's natural moisture: 3
Refreshes skin after usage: 2
Star Rating: ★★★★

Now to Moisturising Lotion. This is Hada Labo best selling items. It claims that every 4 seconds sold 1 bottle in Japan. Can you believe it? It'll be like 15 bottles a minute? Well, not sure true or not but let me review it here.
Before I start using this lotion, I was using JuJu AquaMoist Hydrating Lotion. In my opinion Hada Labo Lotion is much more hydrating and it absorbs well into my skin compare to Aquamoist Lotion. Hada Labo lotion serves as toner + moisturising at the same time. Although I don't see it can reduce my open pores, it gives my face more supple and hydrating all day long. 
I'll drop 4-5 droplets onto my palm, slowly pat onto face using fingertips. This lotion absorbs instantly. You must use the proper amount to get non-greasy nor sticky feeling after application. 
I just bought the full size bottle recently and I think it'll last very long as I only need 8-9 drops everyday xD worth the money! So I don't know how Japanese girls use it until 1 bottle sold for 4 seconds LOL to exaggerating lar... however, I noticed that the full size products all made in China but not Japan while the miniature size made in Japan neh... I hope our Watson don't sell imitate goods but so far the effect is similar as miniature only the smell of the cleanser for full size is much more lighter compare to the miniature size.

This product claims: my opinion (1=Not Agree; 2=Partly Agree; 3=Agree)
Deeply moisturise skin: 3
Helps preserve skin's optimum moisture balance: 3
Helps improve dry and dehydrated skin, leaving silky smooth: 3
Star Rating: ★★★★

Lastly the Moisturising Milk (pic: 2nd item on the left). As it's call milk, the texture is thick milky lotion type. This is to use after the Moisturising lotion. Just squeeze pea size amount onto palm and gently massage onto face until fully absorbs. At first I was hesitate to use this milk type as the texture is rather thick, I'm afraid it might clogged my pores. However with correct amount of this milk, my face absorbs it fully while leaving my face more hydrated without greasiness. Furthermore after each application, this milk makes my skin glowing! It won't clogged my pores either but I do not recommend oily-skin type babe to use this as it contains very rich moisturiser ingredients which might make your skin more oily than usual. Best for dry-skin type babe only.

This product claims: my opinion (1=Not Agree; 2=Partly Agree; 3=Agree)
Moisturises deeply, offering nourishing hydration: 3
Leaves skin a natural, healthy looking glow: 3
Skin becomes more smoother, softer and richly hydrated: 3
Star Rating: ★★★★☆.5

So that's my reviews on Hada Labo Skincare, overall this mid-range price products works wonder on my Dry & Sensitive skin making my face more hydrating day by day. 

Btw there's Hada Labo Malaysia is looking for their Perfect Match Women so if you want to join it you can submit your entry to Hada Labo Perfect Match Contest . Who knows you might stand the chance to win RM1,000 worth of products + RM1,000 cash + appearance on Hada Labo TV Commercial! I might join ^.^ need some cash for my HK trip soon huhu~ The contest will ends end of March so faster upload your videos and submit the entry form to their facebook fan page.


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